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Welcome to the Mad Mex Mas Gift Guide!

Find the perfect gift for your amigos with our 100% real and totally not fake Mad Mex themed Christmas gift guide​
  • Travel burrito warmer

    For the busy, high powered business-amigo who only has time to eat their burrito on-the-go! Introducing our insulated Travel Burrito Warmer.

    With our patented tortilla penetrating warmth technology, the Travel Burrito Warmer will keep your burrito warm and ready to eat for up to 12 minutes!
    Only $49.95
  • Burrito Belt Clip

    Practical and stylish. Our Burrito Belt Clip is made from 100% carbon fibre and perfectly holds one regular sized Mad Mex burrito.

    The lightweight burrito holder clips straight onto your belt and offers quick and easy access to your favourite Mexican meal.
    Only $14.95
  • Taco Bib!

    Are you sick of wasting precious ingredients that fall out while you’re eating a burrito?

    Then you need the Taco Bib! Just place a taco shell in the rigid plastic bib to catch your falling burrito ingredients and BOOM that’s a free taco right there!
    Only $19.95
  • Mad Mex Scented Candles

    Bring the delicious smells of Mad Mex into your own home with our range of premium scented candles. Available in Burrito, Naked Burrito, Taco or Quesadilla scents.

    *Add an additional Guacamole scent to any candle for only $2 extra!
    Only $69.95
  • Hands Free Taco Holder

    Get more done with our Hands Free Taco Holder! Finally you can work or play AND enjoy a delicious taco at the same time.

    You’ll save minutes of time and look super-cool while you’re at it!
    Only $11.95
  • Scratch ’n Sniff Phone Case

    Our ‘Scratch ’n Sniff’ burrito flavoured phone case is the perfect stocking stuffer!
    Finally you can bring the delicious smells of a burrito with you everywhere you go!

    Not available for Windows Phone.
    Only $18.95
  • Guac is Extra Timber Decoration

    For the home decorator with exceptional taste! This decorative timber sign will look great on your mantle, bed-side table or in your kitchen.

    “Live, laugh, love” is so 2019… Why not be a little bit ‘Extra’ in 2020!
    Only $23.95
  • Mexican Food for Dummies

    Do you avoid ordering Quesadillas because you don’t know how to pronounce the name?
    Don’t understand how Google works?

    Then we have the perfect how-to guide for you!
    Only $9.95
  • Tortilla Pencil Pouch

    The perfect present for your artistic amigos! Our roll-up tortilla pencil pouch is made from a REAL tortilla and hold up to 20 pencils!
    Use by: 1 day from opening.

    Please note this product contains gluten.
    Only $11.95
  • Red foil Christmas tree bauble

    This Christmas every Mad Mex burrito comes with a FREE* Red Foil Christmas Tree Bauble!

    *String not included. May cause Christmas tree to smell slightly like a burrito.
    Only $0.00
  • Mad Mex Mas burrito voucher

    We don’t put any junk in our food, and we’d love to see less junk under the Christmas tree this year.
    Unfortunately all the Mex-Mas products are already “sold out”, which is just as well because ain’t no-one need any of that crap! (Except maybe the candles, they sound pretty great TBH).

    Instead of buying stuff they’ll probably use once and throw away, this year we’re asking our amigos to give the gift of a Burrito or Naked Burrito for only $10.

    But be quick, only 1500 available!

    $5 from the sale of every ‘mex mas gift Burrito’ will go to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal!

    T&C’s: Voucher must be redeemed in restaurant and cannot be redeemed for online or delivery orders. Excludes extras such as beef, guacamole and vegan cheese. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotions. Valid until 31/12/2020 for single use only. To view our privacy policy please visit https://www.madmex.co.nz/privacy-policy/
    Only $10.00