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Mad Mex Auckland

The Best Mexican Food Auckland Has to Offer

If you’re looking for the best Mexican restaurant Auckland has going around, then you can look no further than Mad Mex. Our love of fresh, wholesome Mexican cuisine is at our core. The company was founded in 2006 by Clovis Young, driven by a passion for the great taste of authentic Mexican food. Since then the Mad Mex has grown, thanks to our familia’s passion for healthy, fresh, and great flavours in their fuel.

Live Your Best Life

Mad Mex is all about celebrating the good things in life and we want to be there for you whether you are throwing a fiesta after an eventful day or just getting ready to create some memories outside. We commit to using only the freshest and high-quality ingredients available for each of our dishes. From real Mexican chilies to great spices that helps deliver a great tasting kick to our food, we bring the bold and distinctive taste of Mexico straight to you. To make sure your body stays strong throughout the day, and that you’re comfortable that we really to have the best Mexican food Auckland celebrates, we have all of our nutritional facts listed right here on our website, so you can know exactly what you’re eating. After all, the best food doesn’t just taste great but it’s the right kind of fuel to keep you powering on through the day.

Authentic Mexican Flavour and Atmosphere

We understand that delivering the best Mexican restaurant Auckland has to offer is about much more than just the right ingredients. Anyone that has visited Mexico knows – and loves - the festive atmosphere and the bond between amigos. Our team doesn’t just work together to deliver great grub, but we embrace every one of our amigos around the shared love of Mexican cuisine. Whether it’s sharing stories or having a laugh, food is best when prepared by friends and our camaraderie shows in the finished product.

Delivering Fresh Mexican Food Auckland Lifestyles Demand

Mad Mex understands that living an active lifestyle can be tiring. To ensure that our fuel delivers the boost needed to continue living life to the fullest, we make it right there in front of you. Our passion is delivering the best Mexican food Auckland locals can swear by, and we want to give you the energy to continue living life to the full.

Great Food Tailored to Your Needs

Nothing is more important in Mexico is family and Mad Mex treats all of our customers as la familia. In order to be the best Mexican restaurant Auckland has, we make sure that our burritos are fully customisable to your needs. Whether you need some extra protein to recharge or are a strict vegan, it’s no problema! Mad Mex can deliver the bold flavour of Mexico without gluten or dairy products as well, and we pride ourselves on being able to meet every customer’s fuel and flavour needs.

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