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Mad Mex Christchurch

The Best Mexican Restaurant Christchurch

Looking for the best Mexican restaurant Christchurch locals swear by? Drop by Mad Mex. Our company was founded due to Clovis Young’s love of Mexican cuisine in 2006. Not satisfied with the current state of Mexican food in Australia, Young wanted to take it to new heights by focusing on using real ingredients and delivering an authentic experience that tastes great. That vision for authentic flavours and the Mexican familia has hit a winning note, and Max Mex is now inspiring New Zealanders with the same passion and wholesome ingredients.

Helping You Live Your Best Life

There’s no better place to celebrate than at Mad Mex. Our relaxing atmosphere is perfect for any gathering of amigos no matter if you’re winding down after a long day or getting prepared to go on a grand adventure. Our commitment to quality means that we only use fresh ingredients for our dishes including real Mexican chilies and great spices. These high-quality ingredients are why our food delivers a bold taste that is the signature sign of a great Mexican dish. At Mad Mex, you don’t have to settle for either tasty or healthy – if you’re looking for quality Mexican food Christchurch locals know that you can have it both in one delicious package. No compromises, just a festival of true flavour.

Authentic Mexican Flavour in Christchurch

Top-notch ingredients are just the start of what makes Mad Mex a go-to destination for Mexican food and the best Mexican restaurant Christchurch has. Our stores also offer a fantastic atmosphere that is reminiscent of Mexico. After all, we want people to come in with their amigos, share stories, and celebrate life together. Our team is more than coworkers and service staff; we’re a tight familia, and everyone is welcome to join our shared celebration of life. Our camaraderie shows in every meal we make, and we are driven to ensure that every bite is a party on the tongue.

When You Need Fresh Fuel

Living an active life can be quite exhausting if you don’t take time to properly recharge. To combat that, Mad Mex offers healthy meals filled with natural ingredients that deliver the boost of energy that one needs to continue living life fully. All of our meals are made right in front of customers with full transparency. We get it to you quick, but you know just how fresh that fuel is, and after all, what would you rather be chowing down on: a bland energy bar or a tasty burrito? Our commitment to quality, genuine food is what has helped us become the best Mexican restaurant Christchurch locals rely on. Seriously – ask them! They’re going to point you in our direction.

Great Food Tailored to Your Needs

Of course we at Mad Mex understand that with it comes to Mexican food Christchurch locals know what they want, and our menu is fully customisable according to your dietary needs. We’ll happily alter your burrito, nachos or quesadillas to suit your needs, from the carnivore that craves an extra hit of protein, right through vegan options. We also work around any allergies that you have – our goal is to provide you with the bold flavour of Mexico, whatever that means to you.

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