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Mad Mex Tauranga

The Best Mexican Restaurant Tauranga Locals Love

Looking for the best Mexican food Tauranga has to offer? The answer is Mad Mex. We’ve been around a while now – we were founded in 2006 by Clovis Young, who had one mission: making great Mexican food easily available in Australia. Over the past 14 years we’ve been able to do just that, and we’ve been so successful in turning all of Australia into our familia that we’ve brought the fiesta to New Zealand too. The mission remains the same; bring quality, authentic and bold Mexican dishes to our favourite amigos at an affordable price. Who doesn’t love the Mexican love of life? When you come to Mad Mex, you’ve joined familia, and you’ll be swapping stories and tapping along to our warm Latin rhythms. We are the Mexican food Tauranga locals crave because we celebrate life as the Mexicans do, and a love of life means a love of fresh, wholesome fuel.

Helping You Stay Active

Mad Mex is all about living healthy and the fuel we put in our bodies is a big part of that. Our restaurant provides food that is both delicious and healthy, and works well at all times of day, whether you’re looking to refuel after that epic gym session, or you’re just getting ready for a big day ahead. Mad Mex is the best Mexican food Tauranga has to offer entirely because we want to make sure you are fully energised and able to pursue whatever your passions might be.

Customisable Food

Everyone’s body is different from one another and their needs can vary. Mad Mex’s expert team of luchadores know that to their very souls, and whether you’re looking for delicious tacos, nachos, burritos or quesadillas, you’re going to be treated like familia and get exactly what you want. If you’re looking to avoid dairy products or meat, then we’ve got you covered. Of course, if you’re a bit of a carnivore, our luchadores can accommodate you there too. Whatever your preference, what’s important is that every meal is packed with authentic, fresh flavours, and you’re going to walk out thinking that our Mexican restaurant Tauranga location is the best Mexican you’ve ever had. Every single time. With our luchadores’ expertise with Mexican food, Mad Mex is able to give our customers a great taste of Mexico in any form.

Natural Refreshment

We’re not just a “Mexican joint” at Mad Mex. When you’re looking for a Mexican restaurant Tauranga locals are going to point you in our direction not just because our vibe is true and we live up to the grand traditions of the fiesta, but our food really is natural, authentic goodness. We use an absolute minimum of sugars, oils, and preservatives (they’re not very authentic, fam), and instead pack our dishes with chilies, tomatillos and chipotles. Pure flavour-filled, fresh fuel. That signature Mexican flavour stays with you and is the perfect way to celebrate the good things in life with your amigos. Transparency is really important to us, and it’s the reason that we’re the Mexican restaurant Tauranga locals trust. Not only can you watch your meal being prepared for you, right in front of you (have a chat with our luchadores while you do – they’ve got some wonderful stories to share), but we also list all our ingredients and nutritional information on this website. Drop in when you get a chance – with Mad Mex, the fiesta never sleeps!

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